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Prophetic Global

Rebecca King

Founder & Director

Do you ever feel a spark within you, a yearning to make a difference, a unique voice waiting to be heard? Perhaps, like countless others, you're a prophet in the making! Rebecca, with her contagious zest for life and unwavering faith, is on a mission to help you discover not only your identity as a beloved child of God but also your unique prophetic calling.


Imagine reaching your full potential, standing tall as a radiant prophet, empowered and equipped to say "YES!" to Jesus with unwavering commitment. Rebecca understands this journey intimately. Her own story began in her early twenties, ignited by a transformative encounter with the Holy Spirit. From that moment, a deep love and burning desire to help others birth their prophetic destinies took root. Since then, she's become a pioneer, traveling the globe and illuminating the path for prophets to understand themselves and be understood by others. Her passion is palpable, her guidance insightful, and her encouragement unwavering.


Ready to embark on your own extraordinary adventure? Join Rebecca on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She'll be your guide, your cheerleader, and your confidante, nurturing your gifts and equipping you to soar as the powerful prophet you were meant to be.


Who We Are

Calling all prophets, emerging or experienced!


Invictus Prophetic Global is your welcoming home base, a vibrant community where you can connect, grow, and share your gifts.

We are a prophetic family, where everyone is valued, regardless of background or journey. We believe in building genuine friendships and supporting each other along the way.

Join us on this incredible adventure! We're excited to get to know you as much as you're eager to learn more about us.

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