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Small Group Mentoring

Ditch the shallows, prophets!

Old interpretations are cracking open, unleashing a tidal wave of wonder and grace. This isn't a sprinkle; it's a full-on baptism in fresh revelation, drenching you with new understanding of your calling. Dive deep, explore uncharted territories, and rewrite the prophetic playbook. It's time to redefine your role, not in stagnant puddles, but in a boundless ocean of divine possibility. Get ready to be struck by wonder, not stuck in the mundane. Buckle up, prophets, the future's calling!

Our 2 year mentoring course, that is broken down into five series per year (lasting 6 weeks each). Each series covers a specific aspect of the prophetic call and serves to build the character needed to be one who is Kingdom centred and lives and loves well.

The format of each session is: sharp, scriptural teaching from established national prophets and then small, safe, breakout rooms - where the real growth happens! During this Holy Spirit led time, freedom is found. There are no limits to what God can do in, with and through us as we are vulnerable before Him and each other. This time involves discussion, prayer, self-examination and of course prophecy and is instrumental in both learning to walk in community and developing the character needed to be more than a shooting star in the Kingdom.

We look forward to journeying with you!

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