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Prophetic appointments

The sheep will know the voice of the shepherd.


As you embark on this prophetic journey of listening, prepare to be encouraged, challenged, and built up. The shepherd's voice, when recognized, will not always be a soothing lullaby. It may challenge your comfort zones, nudge you towards growth, and even confront your shortcomings. However, the ultimate goal is not to remain stagnant but to be transformed. 

So, open your heart, tune your inner ear, and embark on this quest. Remember, the sheep will know the voice of the great Shepherd, through a deep understanding and a heart open to the transformative power of God's love.

Prophetic appointments are 20 minute time slots where our trained team will prophesy into your life.


These appointments are free with no obligation to pay. Our desire is to always bless you whether you donate or not. However, we appreciate your donations, enabling Invictus to keep these, and other online events going. If you would like to support us in our work to raise up prophets around the globe, may we suggest a donation of £20.


Please do not book both a prophetic and a dream appointment on the same evening. The appointments work independently of each other so you can, for example, if you book prophetic appointments in October and April whilst simultaneously having dream interpretation appointments in November and May.

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